Spreading Joy and Comfort: Small Miracles Annual Treatment Bag Drop-Off

cancer patient gift bags for newly diagnosed and relapsed patients

A Day of Heartfelt Giving

Today marked one of the most fulfilling days of the year for Small Miracles, as we delivered 500 “Nobody Fights Alone” treatment bags to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This annual event during the 2023 holiday season is a testament to the dedication and generosity of our Board of Directors, board members, sponsors, and donors who relentlessly support Jordyn’s dream and mission.

Beyond Treatment Bags: Impactful Contributions

In addition to the 500 treatment bags, Small Miracles has provided 11 iPads and various sponsorships/experiences to newly diagnosed and relapsed patients over the past year. These contributions extend beyond tangible items, creating lasting impacts on the lives of those facing the challenges of pediatric oncology.

Gratitude from CHOP’s Child Life Specialist

Upon our arrival at CHOP, Michelle, our incredible Child Life specialist, expressed profound gratitude. She emphasized the significance of Small Miracles, stating, “Welcome to one of our favorite nonprofits. You have no idea what a difference these bags make to our patients! Jordyn, I know you know firsthand!!”

Extending Reach to Different Oncology Departments

This year, the impact of Small Miracles extends even further. The treatment bags will not only reach the Oncology Day Hospital and Oncology in-patient floor but will also be delivered to oncology patients undergoing radiation treatment and those receiving mental health services.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As we reflect on this remarkable day, we invite you to be a part of our mission. If you’re inspired to make a difference and spread joy to pediatric oncology patients, get involved with Small Miracles.

Donate now to provide financial support and help us continue making a positive impact in the lives of these resilient young individuals!