Patient Programs


​One of the things that Jordyn felt got her through the long days of chemotherapy was her iPad that was gifted to her in the beginning of her treatment. Having the iPad was a way to escape from all the noise at the hospital and distract herself from the chemotherapy.

Jordyn wanted newly diagnosed patients to be able to experience the luxury of having an iPad during treatment, just as she did. Throughout the year, Small Miracles will donate iPads that will be given to newly-diagnosed pediatric oncology patients. With 11 iPads already gifted, we are so excited to continue this aspect of Small Miracles!

If you know anybody that is in need of either of these services, please feel free to reach out to us!


At the end of each year, Small Miracles donates carefully crafted treatment bags to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. These treatment bags are inclusive to all oncology patients that are being treated.

Jordyn did not want to leave anybody out in making these bags, so she made it her top priority to include some sort of gift card containing $25 or more. By doing so, each patient that receives the bag can choose to purchase anything he/she desires.

Other items in the bags include lip balms, fuzzy sucks, hand sanitizer, playing cards, and more! Jordyn found that these were the essentials for getting through chemotherapy and surgery, so she wanted each recipient of the bag to have those essentials as well.

Nearly 730 treatment bags have already been distributed to the hospital and we are looking forward to delivering more!