Our Team

small miracles non profit organization team


  • ‚ÄčAlyssa Lego
  • Makenna Stalker
  • Madelyn Bunis
  • Jillian Briggs
  • Lauren Lembo
  • Amy Tierney
  • Shannon Tierney
  • Susanne Stalker
  • Joani Beck


  • Jordyn Small, Founder
  • Vincent Pungello, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Small, Chairman of the Board
  • Susan Small, President
  • Nicole and Michael Peto, Co-Vice Presidents
  • Stephanie Bunis, Fundraising coordinator
  • Kimberly Peto, Secretary
  • Courtney Small, Director of Marketing and Advertising
  • Alexa Beck, Director of Communications
  • Cassidy Small and Robbie Peto, Co-Social Media Consultants
  • Jared Small and Joe LaRue, Assistant Director of Finances‚Äč
  • Penelope Rone, Business/ Fundraising Administrator
  • Janet Peto, Walt Peto, Lou Small, Phyllis Small, Co-trustees